Our Work

Through our unique methodology, leaders learn how to build and sustain better habits. We help them choose, use and adapt practices and rituals from the world of high-performers so they are more resilient, positively energised and know how to make better decisions in their moments that matter.

Our insights, evolved over thousands of hours of performance coaching, sit at the heart of our methods; they’re based on our own learning and experimenting, our experience working with high performers from all walks of life and are underpinned by science.



We’ve developed an original process of active learning that enables clients to tackle immediate challenges head-on and explore their potential in an invigorating, usefully provocative environment



Using these methods we help leaders and teams build the clarity and energy they need to boldly act, innovate and learn their way to achieving the success they want in the moments that matter – whatever the challenge.


We pride ourselves on close collaboration with clients, to deliver an experience that’s tailored to fit them and their goals. Each one of our clients’ journeys inspires us to experiment, learn and improve alongside them, so we’re always curious, learning and refining our own practices. 



Our Impact

We’re extremely proud of the stories our clients tell. They are our inspiration. They say that after learning with us they are better at managing themselves, have better impact on others and achieve better outcomes for their business. 

Here are just some of the ways our clients feel they’ve benefited, improved and achieved more from the work we’ve done together.



  • More focused on what they want to achieve and why it matters
  • Managing their 5 performance energies 
  • Making better choices, and taking deliberate action to learn along the way
  • Marking and celebrating progress 
  • Motivated to sustain and build useful habits


  • More connected as a group
  • More aligned around a shared ambition that matters 
  • Making better decisions with healthy debate 
  • Making faster progress and maximizing their collective impact
  • Maintaining simple, tried and tested team behaviours: contributing constructively, making better group decisions and regularly reviewing
  • Maintaining focus, pace and energy


Increasingly, leaders are asking us to spread this impact across their entire organisation, to help them achieve greater success on a large scale.


This might involvE

Our Standout Workshop: 
Impact and Influence in Moments that Matter
This workshop gives in-depth, focused time (rare for most people we work with) to learn and practise high-impact preparation routines, and to craft the most useful and engaging stories to move others to action. It's an opportunity for deliberate, quality practice; a chance to go deeper and learn better ways to have more impact and influence in moments that matter.

We often support clients with resources to help sustain measurable impact.

Leadership Performance Coaching with individuals and teams

Coordinating coaching programmes in priority areas

Developing internal teams of high-impact coaches 
Based on our methodology and adapted to work for them. With sponsorship from the CEO and support from us, they focus on specific areas of the organisation and work with individual key talent and teams to achieve more where it matters most.

Large group interventions targeting key audiences and key teams, including Boot Camps and Conference support


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