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We are Coaching Impact: an award-winning Performance Coaching company. We specialise in coaching leaders, teams and organisations so they achieve more, learn faster and live better.

We nudge our clients to choose, use and adapt useful practices for greater impact when it matters - to achieve the results they want.

Impact. For Good.


A brief introduction to Coaching Impact


Our Work

Through our unique methodology, leaders learn how to build and sustain better habits. We help them choose, use and adapt practices and rituals from the world of high-performers so they are more resilient, positively energised and know how to make better decisions in their moments that matter.

Our insights, evolved over thousands of hours of performance coaching, sit at the heart of our methods; they’re based on our own learning and experimenting, our experience working with high performers from all walks of life and are underpinned by science.



We’ve developed an original process of active learning that enables clients to tackle immediate challenges head-on and explore their potential in an invigorating, usefully provocative environment




Using these methods we help leaders and teams build the clarity and energy they need to boldly act, innovate and learn their way to achieving the success they want in the moments that matter – whatever the challenge.




We pride ourselves on close collaboration with clients, to deliver an experience that’s tailored to fit them and their goals. Each one of our clients’ journeys inspires us to experiment, learn and improve alongside them, so we’re always curious, learning and refining our own practices. 


Our Impact

We’re extremely proud of the stories our clients tell. They are our inspiration. They say that after learning with us they are better at managing themselves, have better impact on others and achieve better outcomes for their business. 

Here are just some of the ways our clients feel they’ve benefited, improved and achieved more from the work we’ve done together. 


October 2017

Looking back, I now see how these early experiences began to shape my core beliefs about some vital conditions for performance improvement. Firstly, a total commitment to practice and the rigour involved; secondly, having someone to both support and challenge you to be better.

Sara Milne Rowe  / Read Full




At Coaching Impact we believe that everyone has the ability to make better choices in all areas of their life, if they are open and willing to learn through practice and self-discipline. We’re driven by the belief that excellent leadership has the ability to create ‘Impact For Good’. This means that it’s good for you, good for your team and good for the world. 

As a business, our mission is to empower our clients to achieve more, learn faster and live better, so they can successfully create real Impact For Good, in all areas of their lives.

This core belief sits at the heart of Coaching Impact, along with our shared values of always being Light, Curious and Solutions-Focused.



means that we’re energy positive, optimistic and – while our work is serious – we always make it fun for our clients and ourselves.


means that we’re inspired by people and the world around us, committed to life long learning and constantly improving our own methods. 


means that we’re problem-solvers, driven by great results and looking for better answers to the most difficult questions.



SEE our team

We're a diverse group from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, united by a belief in impact for good

Sara Milne Rowe — Founder

Performance has always been at the heart of my life; from ballet and music, to teaching and coaching...

Simon scott — Partner

11 years as a Royal Marines Officer taught me about the power of a high performance environment...


The SHED Method

The SHED Method is a ground-breaking series of practices, personal routines and rituals that can help you to make better choices in your everyday life.

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