The conference is the perfect opportunity to get your message across.  A chance for you to energise your workforce, present with clarity what you want them to hear, what you want them to learn and act on.  The trouble is, that same workforce comes expecting to be talked at, bombarded with numerous, inconsistent messages and sent away again – with a goody bag if they’re lucky.

We work with companies to create a unified, energised and energizing event so the speakers feel heard, the delegates feel valued and everyone is aligned.

Our work includes:

  • Discussing the brief and creating a conference strapline where necessary.
  • Supporting the speakers as they build their presentations.
  • Aligning the presentations to give the main messages clarity and avoiding excessive repetition.
  • Shaping the event so that delegates feel engaged, are able to interact and respond where possible.
  • Facilitating and energising the event so focus is maintained throughout, the delegates can readily absorb the clear messages and are easily able to learn and can leave in the knowledge of what to act on.